Sfigurare le maschere: su alcune modalità della critica della produzione globale di sapere

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Keywords: Subaltern studies; Decolonization; dialectics; epistemologies of the South


Today’s criticism of the expropriative ways of shaping the relationship between imperial powers and subordinate knowledge can take on different modalities, with the common point of speaking as a logical and common roots: the first mode is that of the ‘provincializa tion’ of European and Western knowledge, starting with the founding work of Chakrabarty, located within the context of Indian Subaltern Studies. The second mode is the de-coloni zation of dialectical discourses, exemplified by the work of G.Ciccariello-Maher, which has its roots in American Autonomous Marxism. The third mode aims to reconstruct a positive plan of thinking within a new epistemological, ecological and subjective horizon that focus on the Global Souths (and their cultures). The object of the following writing will therefore be the genealogical reconstruction of the critics of the production conditions of Western knowledge, and the exposition of a critical understanding of the subjective polyphonies that animate the collective resistance.



Research, interventions, and works in progress