Connectivity and global information. The digital side of immigration

  • Giacomo Buoncompagni Università di Macerata
Keywords: immigration; digital media; technological risk; inter-culture; global information


Electronic-digital technologies are fundamental for immigrants and asylum seekers as they are useful tools to satisfy what have become "basic needs" for them: the need for connection and information.

Such tools facilitate and support the travel organisation and all the migratory experience of "new connected migrants", but the security issue should not be underestimated.

The intensity of communication and information flows define a media space that is now flanked by geographical space, but without replacing it; digital has created a borderless social space that facilitates communication between immigrant communities geographically dispersed throughout the globe.

The comparison between various authors and a detailed and updated analysis of the scientific literature on the subject have made it possible to understand how the digital dimension has changed and influenced communication between migrants, forms of exploitation and the management of migration flows.

Research, interventions, and works in progress